Class Indonesia

Our PE days are on a Monday and a Thursday. Please ensure all children have the correct  PE kit in sschool on those days.

As the weather begins to get colder, please send in zip up jumpers/hoodies that are suitable for PE. Outdoor shoes will also be required.


It is really important to read with your children. In Year 1 children are learning to de-code and blend words to help them read whole pieces of texts. It is also beneficial to question children about the text they are reading, to check their understanding, whilst being able to retrieve and interpret information from the text.

Please record any reading you do with your child in your child's Reading Record. In Year 1, children are encoraged to change their own reading book, once a parent has signed their diary to say they have completed the book.





Class Indonesia

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We are a fantastic group of Year 1 children and always work hard to be the best that we can be!

Our Class Teachers are Mrs Parsons and Mrs Tomlinson. Mrs Parsons teaches Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with Mrs Tomlinson teaching on Thursday and Friday. Both teachers have PPA on a Wednesday afternoon where the class is taught by Mrs Green (HLTA).

We are also lucky to have Mrs Phillis (TA) working in our classroom and all our adults strive to 'Be the best we can be' and help all the children to achieve their full potential.

In our classroom we love to learn and discover new things. This Year we are beginning to create a wonderful outdoor area for us to continue and apply our learning; exploring new concepts and testing out our ideas. We love using the outdoors to extend our learning!

As well as supporting our children at our school, the Year 1 staff are always eager to speak to parents. They aim to be really approachable and love hearing about what's going on in your families' lives, outside of school. You can catch a member of the Year 1 team on the school playground, at the beginning or end of the day, for an informal chat. Appointments can always be made if you would like to chat further about any concerns or worries. 


Click here to view the Age Related Expectations documents for each year group

Click here to view the Curriculum overview map for Term 3

Click here to view our Parent letter for Term 3


 Home learning.

Please use the links below to access any of the home learning which was sent out last week or any new learning which will be reguarly posted on here. 


Maths home learning activities 

English home learning activities 

Topic home learning activities 

50 fabulous things

Useful website links

Weather recording activity

 Lego challenge

Phonics 'ai' activity

 26.3.20 Spellings

 Representing numbers activity

Spelling activity - alternative 'ai' phoneme


Week beginning 20th April 2020

 Plural work 's' or 'es' activity and Powerpoint presentation 

The Hungry Caterpillar learning tasks

Lockdown diary writing task


Week beginning 27th April 2020

29.4.20 spellings

Finding half of shapes

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Reading Comprehension

Finding half of a number task

Finding half of a number practical task

 Animal airlines writing task  

 Days of the week spellings


Week beginning 4th May 2020

 What do we know about leaves?


Week beginning 11th May 2020

Doubling activity

Doubling practical activity - hopskotch

Making doubles 

Making doubles task 2 

Making equal groups to multiply

Multiplying reasoning questions

Spellings wb 11.5.2020

Jack and the benastalk, Giant character description.

Letter to the Giant


Three Little Pigs Reading Comprehension


Week beginning 1.6.2020

Alot of this week's activities follow on from the launch, at the weekend, of Space X

Astronaut diary

Design your own spacesuit

Create your own planet.

Make your own rocket

Balloon rocket instructions0

Planet factfile

Space Reading Comprehension ( 3 different levels)

Space Wordsearch

Maths Mission 1 - number bonds to 20

Maths Mission 2 - adding two digit numbers

Maths Mission 3 - adding 3 numbers together

Mission  1 reward stickers

Mission 2 reward stickers

Mission 3 rewards stickers

Spellings - alternative ow


Week beginning 8.6.2020

Please use Oak Academy, Year 1 Terrifying T-Rex lesson to start with

What is a dinosaur like?

Labelling the parts of a dinosaur

Dinosaur fact cards

Dragon World Story writing

Dragon World Reading questions and SPAG


Dinosaur missing numbers

Maths Weekly Tasks

Task 1- How many are there altogether?

Task 3- Can my number be a multiple of ten?

Task 4- Shopping Challenge


Week beginning 15.6.2020

This week's Reading and English tasks focus on the book 'Superworm' by Julia Donaldson

Super worm sequencing task

Superworm Missing Poster

Superworm Missing Poster example

What would you ask Superworm?

Superworm Reading questions


Maths Task 1- How many groups of 2, 5, 10?

Maths Task 2- How many tens?

Maths Task 3- How many in each group? How many altogether?

Maths Task 4- Can you share into equal groups?


Week beginning 22.6.20

Maths Task One-What 3d shapes can you see around you?

Maths Task Two- Can you name & describe the 3d shape?

Maths Task three- What is the same & different about my shapes?

Maths Task Four- Can you describe the 3d shapes in my model?

Kindness postcard

Retrieve information from a text - Tyrannosaurus Drip

Make the world a kinder place

Kindness wordsearch


Phonics activity- ai grapheme. 


Week beginning 29.06.2020

Extended Writing - Journey to school diary entry

Common exception words wordsearch

Suffixes est and er

Sorting real and pseudo words Phonic activity


Coins and notes cut-outs

Maths Task One- Can you match my value?

Maths Task Two- What is my total?

Maths Task Three- What can and can't I buy?

Maths Task Four- Is money in notes always worth more?


Week beginning 6.7.2020

Writing questions for Year 2

Writing a character descrption 

Telling The Time Poster

Maths Task One- What time will it be in an hour

Maths Task Two- Can you find the correct time?

Maths task Three- How many can you do in a minute?

Maths Task Four- Can you correct the time?