Class Tanzania

In our class we love to read. Please make sure you record any reading you do in your reading record.It is great to discuss the texts you read with your children and question them about the features of each text and the author's language choices.

Our PE days are on a Thursday and a Friday so please make sure you have the correct kit on these days.

Homework will be given out every Friday and needs to be handed back in the following Thursday. Maths and English homework will be given out on alternate weeks.

Spellings will be given out on a Friday. There is no expectation for these to be returned to school, however we will be doing a fun spelling quiz on Fridays to consolidate their understanding of the spellings learnt.

   Welcome to Class Tanzania!

In Class Tanzania we are very excited to have our Year 3 and 4 children with us. The Year 3 children are taught by Miss Rogers throughout the day in all subjects areas and the Year 4 children join us in the afternoons for exciting topic lessons. The children are taught by Mrs Dillon on a Wednesday afternoon and Mrs Green on a Friday afternoon to allow Miss Rogers time to prepare fun and creative lessons for all of the children. 

We are very lucky to have some amazing adults in Class Tanzania. We have Mrs Green covering Miss Rogers. We also have Miss Heslam and Mrs Field who are present in class everyday. 

If you need to speak to any of the adults in Class Tanzania please catch us on the playground in the morning or after school. Reading records are checked daily, so if you would like to communicate that way please ensure your child makes an adult aware of this.

In Year 3/4 the children LOVE to read and we are promoting independent reading sessions in the morning where we aim to read with your child at least once a week. To carry on this love of reading, we encourage you read with your children at home to promote a love of reading. We love to hear how well your children are doing with their reading so please write a note in their reading records. 

If there are home time arrangements for your child please make one of the Tanzanian team aware, either in their reading records or in the morning on the playground. 

We welcome volunteers in Tanzania, so if you would like to volunteer your time to read with the children etc, then we will welcome you with open arms. All the information about becoming a volunteer can be found in the office. 

Many thanks, 

Miss Rogers and the Class Tanzania team 

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Home Learning

English Home Learning Tasks

Maths Home Learning Tasks

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Tuesday 24th March

Maths Problem Solving (1)

Wednesday 25th March

Spellings (1)

 Spelling Passport

Wednesday 25th March

Science Support

Labelled Map of the World-Geography Support

Thursday 26th March

Maths of the Day (2)

Friday 27th March

Extended Writing (1)

Monday 30th March 

Spellings (2) 

Monday 30th March

Maths of the Day (3)

Tuesday 31st March

Maths Support

Wednesday 1st April

Maths of the Day (4)

Friday 3rd April

Extended Writing (2)

Monday 20th April

Spellings (3) 

Monday 20th April

Maths of the Day (5)

Tuesday 21st April

Extended Writing (3)

Wednesday 23rd April

Maths of the Day (6)

Thursday 24th April

Ancient Greece Resources (1)

Ancient Greece Resources (2)

Ancient Greece Resources (3)

Monday 27th April

Spellings (4)

Spellings (5)

Wednesday 29th April

Extended Writing (4)

Wednesday 29th April

Maths of the Day (7)

Maths Support Resource

Friday 1st May

Maths of the Day (8)

English Reading Task

Writing Task

Write about your favourite place in the world

Monday 4th May

Spellings (6)

English SPaG Task (Inverted commas for speech)

Maths Task (Converting Money) 

English Reading Task

Write a book review of your favourite book

Tuesday 5th May

English Task (Expanded Noun Phrases) 

Maths Task (Adding Money) 

Extended Writing (short)

Thursday 7th May

Extended Writing (long)

Maths Tasks (Money) 1

Maths Tasks (Money) 2

Maths Tasks (Money) 3

English Reading Task

Monday 11th May

Spellings (7)

English Task (similes and metaphors)

Maths Task (Multiplying and Dividing by 3)

Tuesday 12th May

Maths Task (Multiplying and Dividing by 8) 

Extended Writing (short)

Friday 15th May

Maths Task (Multiplying 2 digit by 1 digit) 

Extended Writing (long)

Reading Comprehension Task

Monday 18th May 

English Task (Their, there and they're)

Maths Task (Multiplication and Division Problem Solving) 

Spellings (8)

Tuesday 19th May

History (Stone Age) 

Extended Writing (short) 

Maths Tasks (Problem solving challenges)

Thursday 21st May

Maths Tasks (Fractions) 

English Tasks (Subordinating conjunctions)

Geography Task (Mountains)

 Friday 22nd May

Extended Writing (long)

Science learning (Vertebrates and Invertebrates)

Tuesday 2nd June 

English Task (Fronted adverbials) 

Spellings (9)

Wednesday 3rd June

Maths Task (Fractions)

Reading Task

Extended Writing (short)

Art Task (Pop Art)

 Friday 5th June

Extended Writing (long)

English Task (Adverbs) 

Maths of the Day (9)

Monday 8th June

SPaG/Maths PP

Spellings (10)

Extended Writing (long)

Wednesday 10th June

SPaG/Maths/English PP

Additional Support for SPaG

Reading Task

Friday 12th June

SPaG/Maths/English PP

Extended Writing (long)

Monday 15th June

SPaG Challenge

Maths of the Day (10)

Reading Task

Novel Study 

Spellings (11)

Wednesday 17th June

Maths of the Day (11)

SPaG Challenge

Extended Writing (short)

Friday 19th June

Maths of the Day (12)

Extended Writing (long)

SPaG Challenge

PSHE (story)

PSHE (memory bottle) 

Monday 22nd June

Spellings (12)

Maths of the Day (13)

Reading Task

Extended Writing (short)

Wednesday 24th June

Maths of the Day (14)

Reading/Writing Task 

Extended Writing (long)

Summer Artwork WAGOLL

Friday 26th June

English Task

Maths of the Day (15)

Monday 29th June

Reading Task

Maths of the Day (16)

Spellings (13)

Wednesday 1st July

Reading Task

Maths of the Day (17)

Extended Writing (short)

Friday 3rd July

Reading/Writing Task

Maths of the Day (18)

Extended Writing (long)

Monday 6th July

Maths of the Day (19)

Reading Task

Spellings (14)

Writing Task