Core Church School Values

Core School Values

Our core school values succinctly represent who we are and what we stand for as the local village primary school but also as a school who is proud of our church school heritage and identity. As such, our new core values are rooted in Christian teaching and faith and will now become our guiding light to represent and reflect the school as we move forward together. After careful consideration, our new core Christian values are;

Wisdom    Courage    Respect

We have chosen each value as we believe that they demonstrate Ancaster at this current time and will help current and future generations of our school to be the best that they can be. Wisdom was chosen for our belief that our core purpose is to encourage everyone to flourish in every aspect of their life and being wise moves firmly beyond the academic. It demonstrates our desire to provide an excellent curriculum that supports learners in their social, emotional aspects of life as well as their academic/education. We believe that Courage is needed in a variety of situations throughout life and to be courageous, even when we least feel like it, we will then be able to overcome a problem, situation or new experience. We will develop and nurture everyone in our care to channel their courage and proactively be bold enough to make the most of every opportunity. Respect was chosen as our school is, and always has been, built upon high levels of mutual respect from every member of the community. We develop effective relationships and give respect and expect respect from all stakeholders and work hard to ensure that this value is interwoven into all aspects of school life.