At Ancaster, we endeavour to keep parents informed of the happenings of our children, staff and others connected to the school. Below are links to the newsletters sent out to parents. They are sent out every 2 weeks and are sent, where possible, by email to current parents/carers. Please see the office if you would like to receive a copy of the newsletter and keep up to date with the school. The newsletter will also be placed in the noticeboard outside school as well as on the front page of the school website and on Twitter.

 Click here to access Newsletter 1 sent out on 11th September 2020

Click here to access Newsletter 2 sent out on 21st October 2020

Click here to access Newsletter 3 sent out on 16th November 2020

Click here to access Newsletter 4 sent out on 4th December 2020

Click here to access Newsletter 5 sent out on 29th March 2021

Click here to access Newsletter 6 sent out on 14th May 2021

In light of the current situation we find that the number of external activities taking place across the school have been greatly reduced which in turn means that we have less information to include in the usual fortnightly newsletters.
Therefore, for the time being the school newsletter will be issued on a monthly basis.

Please be assured that if there is anything that needs to be shared with you, we will do so through the usual channels of communication.