PE Premium

Can you spot our Young Ambassadors in this local news clip? They passed the Inspire+ baton to Barkston and Syston Primary School.


Ancaster Physical Education Sport Premium

Sports Pupil Premium 2020/2021

Total Allocation -£17,490

Every school in England receives additional sports funding through Sports Pupil Premium.

At Ancaster Church of England Primary School, we use Sports Premium funding to ensure there is a well-established and thriving sports programme. This money is used to further enhance the quality and range of experiences pupils receive. We also use this money to improve professional development and confidence amongst staff in the delivery of high quality PE lessons across the school. We believe that this has a long lasting and positive effect on the future learning and physical development of children within our school.


Ancaster has chosen to join a Sports Partnership of Primary and Secondary schools with a focus on increasing the quality and quantity of primary school sport. Membership of this charity, entitled Inspire + is a yearly subscription aimed at supporting schools in the Grantham area. This is the 9th Year that we have bought the services of Inspire +. Click here to access the Inspire+ website. Cost: £8000

Click here to access documentation to support our PE permium spend allocation this year.


Previous Data

Evidence of Outcomes 2019-20-Total Grant £17410

Click here to access the 2019/20 documentation to support our PE premium spend allocation

We firmly believe that this grant is having a incredibly positive effect on the outcomes within PE across the school. Ancaster is committed to providing Value for Money and ensure that the grant is utilised to benefit the children's education whilst having a transformative effect on Teaching Staff's ability to plan and prepare effective sequences of PE lessons for our pupils.