RE Curriculum

RE Curriculum and Progression Document

Click the picture below to read our RE Curriculum and Progression Document.

Our RE Curriculum is inspired by our Guiding Lights and below is a precis of how each of the Guiding Lights connects to our RE learning. Click here to access our RE curriculum and Progression Document.

Inclusivity:  Within RE, our children explore the beliefs and practices of Christianity, alongside the world's other major religions, in order to equip them as local and global citizens who have the knowledge and understanding to thrive within our diverse world. Within each lesson, every child is valued and celebrated and through the implementation of strategic planning, each child is supported to achieve their full potential.

Exploration: Our progressive RE curriculum nurtures children’s intrinsic curiosity, utilising a wide-range of sources and stimulus. As children explore a diverse range of beliefs and practices, they are encouraged to develop their critical analysis and evaluation skills, as well as asking and answering increasingly deep questions in order to develop their knowledge and understanding.

Empowerment: Within our RE lesson design, there are carefully planned opportunities for personal reflection which come to life in every lesson. During this time, children are empowered to ask and answer challenging questions as well as express their own ideas and insights in order to develop their own sense of identity and belonging. 

Values-led: Our guiding light of values is of great importance within our RE curriculum as the children’s understanding of values impacts greatly on how they articulate their understanding of and opinions on different worldviews. We have created a values-based culture within our school community, whereby the children are capable of showing compassion and empathy towards each other and above all show respect to all opinions and views.