Staff Members

 Please find below the list of staff working in our school. If you would like to speak to any member of staff, please book an appointment through the school office.

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Lucy Jackson


Miss Hayley Footitt

Assistant Headteacher and Y1 Class Teacher

Mrs Debra Moore

School Business Leader 

Mr Andrew Kidd

Year 2  Class Teacher, Enrichment and Mental Health and Well-being Lead

Mr Wayne Bignell

Year 3 Class Teacher and Key Stage 2 Phase Leader

Teaching and Support Staff

Mrs Abigail Dickinson

Reception Class Teacher

Miss Hollie Rogers

Year 4 Class Teacher

Miss Rosie Bennett 

Year 5 Class Teacher

Mrs Fiona Green*

Year 6 Class Teacher

Mrs Rachel Tomlinson

SENDCO (Tuesday-Thursday)

Mrs Amanda Barratt

Administrative Assistant

Mrs Kate Dillon

 Higher Level Teaching Assistant/Pastoral Support

Miss Kirsty Heslam

One to One Support Assistant/HLTA

Mrs Imogen Phillis

Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Lisa Smith

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hannah Dickinson

One to One Support Assistant/ HLTA

Mrs Nicky Holyland

One to One Support Assistant

Miss Zoe Hodson

One to One Support Assistant

Mrs Tracey Duggan

Teaching Assistant

Miss Chelsea Skinner

One to One Support Assistant

Miss Nikita Moore

Sports Apprentice

Mrs Kimberley Rogers

 One to One Support Assistant/Midday Supervisor

Mrs Lynda Awcock

Midday Supervisor and cover TA

Mrs Caren Chase

Midday Supervisor

Mrs Karen Spencer

Midday Supervisor

Mrs Katie Askham

Cleaner/Midday Supervisor

Mr Stuart Prosser


   *Reserved Teacher