Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum


Ancaster Church of England Primary School is proud to be an inclusive community which strives to be the best we can be.  Our school has a shared collective commitment that has high expectations of all children and all staff and sets no limits. We are dynamic and forward thinking, encouraging our children to make the most of every day. Our Christian ethos and values teach our children to be tolerant, responsible, respectful and resilient.


Our curriculum is being completely rewritten. We have used the voice of our school to ensure that our revised curriculum offer meets the needs of our school and focuses on ensuring our pupils acquire the knowledge they need to equip them in the next phase of their education. All the while, the children are able to utilise the knowledge to sharpen their skills and achieve across the whole primary curriculum.

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Yearly Overviews 2020-2021

 EYFS Yearly Overview  

Year 1 Yearly Oveview  

Year 2 Yearly Overview 

Year 3 Yearly Overview 

Year 4 Yearly Overview 

Year 5 Yearly Overview 

Year 6 Yearly Overview 


Subject Overviews 2020-2021

Art and Design

Design Technology