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Sports Afternoon Information

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you into school on Thursday afternoon for Sports Afternoon. The children are very excited to take part in the different sporting activities. Below is information related to how the event will work and the associated timings.

Please can we ask that parents and carers arrive around 1.10pm. We will open the main gates and direct you to the playground and field where the children will be waiting to begin the afternoon activities. The front of school will be busy so it would be wise for those who can to walk rather than drive.

The children will be split into 4 teams-please ask your child which team they are in as this will help you to quickly locate them on arrival.

Approx. 1.20pm-Carousel of activities. Children will rotate around 4 activities in mixed age groups. As groups move to each activity-parents will follow their child, with siblings in the same group to make this easier.

Approx. 2pm-following the carousel of activities, we will then move to the running track on the field. The children will sit on the playing field side of the track in class groups and parents can congregate along the other side to watch the children undertake the races which will last for around 45m-1hour.

We envisage that the Sports Afternoon will finish around 3pm and we will then take the children back to class to collect their belongings. If you would like to collect your child at this time, we will ask that you wait patiently in your usual collection areas and we will release the children to you. All children are to be collected as usual by 3.30pm.

Parents and Carers will be able to take photographs throughout the event. We just ask, as usual, that you do not put any children, of which you don't have permission, on social media without taking steps to protect these children's anonymity (blurring faces etc).

We are very excited to run this event and hope to see you on Thursday.

Best Wishes,

Mr Eden


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