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Letter to Key Worker Parents

Dear Key Worker Parents and Carers,


I hope this communication finds you well. We have still been unable to finalise any plans for a potential, partial reopening of the school from 1st June as the government have again drastically updated their guidance and any planning we had done has now had to change. What we do know is that the children of Key Workers and other children agreed by the government will continue to get priority places ahead of any other children and it is with you that we must begin our planning. If you are a Key Worker, please can we ask that you read the attached letter carefully and consider its contents. When Mrs Mantle calls tomorrow to discuss provision for after half term, you can share any of your thoughts.


If you are unsure if you are a Key Worker (children can be in any year group), then please use the list in the link below to help you decide, based on your occupation, and consider if what is being proposed is something you would like to access.  Please discuss with the school office it is.


Please be reminded that what is being outlined in this letter is fully dependent on any announcement from the Prime Minister when we are informed of the next steps in easing the lockdown and primarily the decisions we are awaiting on the reopening of primary schools, which is not due until May 28th. Everything we are suggesting at this stage, is purely for planning purposes.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.


Click here to read the letter sent to Key Worker Parents on Wednesday 20th May 2020


I hope you are all safe and well-take care!


Best Wishes,


Mr Eden

Free Activity Resources

Mrs Tomlinson would like to share the following free activity resource with you.

Sustrans Outside In is a free resource to help parents who are looking after their children at home.

Walking, cycling and scooting are great ways to keep active and healthy in body and mind. During this time where we are mostly required to stay at home, these activities become harder to do.

Sustrans Outside In provides fun ideas and inspiration for parents to bring education, health and wellbeing activities into their home.

You can access free resources by registering for the free parent newsletter. Over four weeks you will receive weekly videos, themed activities, games and challenges designed by the experienced company school officers.

Please use the link below to register.

Free Drama and Creative Writing Resources

We have been sent the free resource below from Leeds Beckett University to share with you.

A new and free creative immersive drama and creative writing project is being launched for pupils, ages 7-11 years, who are either in school or are home schooling.
The project, Saving Anksi, will launch week beginning 11th May.
Over 3 weeks, children are invited to explore the story by investigating artefacts from museums, storytellers and artists as they piece together clues in the story world. They will share ideas with other children through the story.
The story will also consider looking after our planet by exploring eco-literacy. We will also be running a creative writing competition (announced in week 3).

The project is a collaboration created by colleagues from the Storymakers Company, based at Leeds Beckett University and many of our associate storyweavers.

Children are encouraged to share their story responses by uploading their creations, these will not feature any videos revealing children’s identities, but it can be their voices telling or reading their story with an image or picture.  We would like to use children’s online ideas and responses to write about this story. We are using padlet software and so would like to request that teachers/parents/carers/ adults take responsibility for the uploading process. All uploads will be checked before they appear, and so you may need to wait for a day before your creation appears!

Please use the link below to start the adventure.

Story Time Saturday from Lincoln Castle

Please use the link below to access Story Time Saturday from Lincoln Castle. This streams live at 11:00 am each Saturday, but don't worry if you miss any as they can be viewed at anytime.

Each week a different long, lost tale will be shared.

Secondary School Induction and Transition Meetings

Secondary schools have communicated with us and asked us to pass on to you that due to the current situation regarding Covid 19, it may not be physically possible to run induction and transition events in the summer term as they have previously done.

The schools are working to find a solution in order to support all children in their transition from Year 6 to Year 7 and this will certainly include supportive communication with Parents and Carers.

It may also involve a virtual experience or phased inductions over an extended period of time.

The schools will provide further information once they know what may be possible.

Medieval Wall Walk

Another lovely, free activity from Lincoln Castle.

Enjoy an exciting medieval wall walk by clicking on the link below to access a QR code to scan and start your walk.

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