Data Protection

Changes have been implemented to Data Protection laws, known as General Data Protection Regulations or "GDPR". You may have been aware of an increase in post and e mails from other service you use in recent weeks. GDPR seeks to bring current data protection law into line with the more modern ways that data is now being used.

Schools have always had to comply with data protection legislation so there is little immediate impact on how we work. However,  GDPR has prompted us to consider and review our processes to continue to be compliant.

If you would like to read more about the legislation the following link gives a comprehensive explanation.

Ancaster Church of England Primary school has always followed the Lincolnshire County Councils (LCC) Data Protection Policy and used their Privacy Notices. GDPR requires us to be more explicit than in the past so we have produced a new Data Protection Policy from the LCC school’s model that is specific to our school.

Similarly we have created Privacy Notices (for children, parents, volunteers, governors and staff) that are in line with Department for Education models, but representative of our school. These explain what data we hold and why we need to hold it.

Click here to read the school's Data Protection policy

Click here to download the Student Update Form

Click here to read the Parent Privacy Notice

Click here to read the Governor/Volunteer Privacy Notice