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Remote Learning Update-7th January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

First of all, I hope you are all well and safe. It has been very strange not having everyone back in school and having to repurpose our provision within such small timescales. Please find attached a letter which I apologise is very long...I have spent a long time seeing what I could take out to reduce its length and have managed to get it down to 3 pages (you know how much I like to talk)! Please grab a cup of tea and read the letter which has quite a lot of information included.

Click here to read the letter from Mr Eden regarding remote learning

I do know that access to devices for remote learning are not as plentiful in every household and that it is difficult to organise home learning when you have your own work commitments to meet too so I thank you for taking the time to ensure that your child's access arrangements have been carefully thought out during this time to enable them continuity of provision.

As I outline in the letter, we are always here to help in any way we possibly can and if you need any support we will endeavour to do whatever we can to help.

Take care everybody and I look forward to seeing you as soon as we are able to be back together once again!

Best Wishes,

Mr Eden

Critical Worker Update Information

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please see the attached information and to consider its contents very carefully. We desperately need to ensure that the provision we offer is accessed by those that truly need it-so are asking you to take into consideration everything that is said in the letter and whether or not sending your child into school is the best available option when the overwhelming message from the UK Government is now to stay at home.

Click here to view the letter from Mr Eden regarding Critical workers

Click here to view the Pupil Registration Form

Please can any forms be returned to us by 12pm-thank you!

Best Wishes,

Mr Eden

School Closure Announcement

Dear Parents and Carers, 

Following such a successful return to school today for our children, I am writing this with a heavy heart and with great frustration. 
As you are possibly aware, the Prime Minister announced at 8pm tonight that all schools must close from today apart for children of Critical Workers and Vulnerable Children. 

Yet again this is very last minute and due to this late notice, we have made the difficult decision to close for ALL children on Tuesday 5th January. This will allow for leaders to establish the demand, and plan for the safe and effective provision for children of keyworker parents. 
We apologise for this disruption and lack of notice, this is not of our doing and certainly not how we like to work at Ancaster. I can only apologise and hope you understand and continue to support the school in the amazing way you have so far. 

Tomorrow we will be in touch regarding our Critical Worker Provision, meal provision and Remote Learning Plans. All learning will be posted online tomorrow for all children in all classes on Microsoft Teams. Please have your username and login details to hand as these will allow you to access the work set by teachers. 

More information will be sent tomorrow. Thank you for your understanding. 

Best Wishes, 
Sam Eden and Sally McDowall (Headteacher and Chair of Governors)

School Reopening Update-January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,


School will reopen tomorrow morning for the start of Term 3 and we are very much looking forward to seeing everyone. Ahead of our return, I would like to highlight some systems and procedures that we already implemented last term but would like to reiterate once again to ensure maximum amounts of safety for all.


You can help us to stay as safe as possible by ensuring the following;

  • Do not mix with other household bubbles outside of school (this is a requirement of Tier 4)
  • Wear masks/face coverings at all times on drop off and collection (unless you are exempt)
  • When dropping off or waiting for children at the school gates, remember to maintain at least 2m distance from others
  • Leave the school site as soon as you have collected or dropped off your children
  • Communicate with staff via phone or email unless absolutely essential
  • Remember to stick to the staggered collection and drop off times you have been allocated (try not to arrive too early-the gates will not open any earlier than 8.45am)
  • Ensure only 1 parent per drop off and collection each day


Other points for consideration;

  • Please be aware that the school is kept well ventilated and now that temperatures have dropped again more consistently, please make sure your child is dressed warmly
  • Keep your child at home if they or anyone in your house develops symptoms until you have a test result which we will then ask you to share with us-if negative, then a return to school can be planned. If the test result is positive, then we will need to have further discussions about the next steps.
  • Please make sure that we have the correct contact details so that you are able to come and collect your child asap if they are displaying any symptoms. Please let us know of any changes to your contact details as soon as possible.
  • Please remember to let the school office know if you are unable to collect your child as normal and who will be collecting
  • If your child needs to engage with home learning for any reason, please ensure that this learning is completed each day. Every lesson we teach flows into the next lesson and if one part of that sequence is missed, then it makes it very difficult for children to keep up. We will follow up any instances where parents choose not to engage with home learning-staff ensure that high quality home learning is online (via TEAMs) each morning that a child is absent due to Covid-19 and all work should be completed in the Maths and English homework books that have been sent home and should remain at home. The lessons placed online are the lessons that the child will miss from that day.


I know that all of the media speculation and the rising case numbers are incredibly worrying. As always, you have our absolute assurances that we will do everything we possibly can to ensure the health and safety of the children and staff in school every day. Should you need to discuss any element of the return to school with us, please feel free to email. As always, you have the email addresses of school staff and we are happy for you to send any messages directly to us.


I am very much looking forward to seeing you all in the morning for Term 3 and the start of the Spring Term.


Best Wishes,


Sam Eden


School Reopening 4th January

Dear Parents and Carers, 
First of all, I would like to wish you a happy new year!  I hope you’re all well and have managed to have a lovely break.  
As things currently stand, we are expecting to open on Monday as planned and we’re all looking forward to seeing you. 
Please can I ask you to play your part in helping us to stay open and safe and remember that the rules in tier 4 mean that you mustn’t mix households and must stay at home as much as possible.  
Anyone in your household who has symptoms must get tested immediately and all other members of the household should isolate until the results are known. 
Please email to let us know about any cases you or your family have as soon as possible. 
I will keep you updated if things change but for now take care, enjoy the celebrations this evening and tomorrow and I will see you at your staggered start times on Monday morning. 
Best Wishes,
Mr Eden

Virtual Tour

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are sharing our brand new virtual tour with you on as many platforms as possible as not only are we incredibly proud to be able to utilise latest technologies to showcase our fantastic school, we know that parents feel that not being able to currently come into school as you would usually can be unsettling. As parents/carers, we seek comfort in the familiarities of our child's routines and everyday surroundings when they are away from us.

With this in mind, please do spend time looking at the tour and visiting the classrooms and also allow your child to look at this and share their classroom with you (find out where they sit, where their tray is etc and any work on the walls that might belong to them)-this will really help them share an element of their school life with you and provide you with the opportunity to hold a dialogue with your child about their time in school.

I do hope that you enjoy looking around and exploring the school-we have worked so incredibly hard in recent years to provide learning environments that are bright, lively and engaging as well as ensuring that the spaces are conducive to effective teaching and learning. Please share this widely with family and friends as well as anyone you know who might be looking for a prospective place for Foundation Stage next year (September 2021) or a mid-year admission into school this year as now we have expanded our classroom spaces again, there are currently limited places available in all year groups except the current Reception year group where we are full with waiting lists in place.

Any feedback you are able to give as a result of accessing the tour will be greatly appreciated. We constantly strive for the best for your children and love hearing from you about the provision in place to enable our school community to flourish and thrive whilst always being the best we can be!

Best Wishes,

Mr Eden

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