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19th July (Step 4) and beyond (September)

Dear Parents and Carers,

During Covid, we have had a raft of measures in place to support the health and safety of us all as we have navigated the pandemic and in response to guidance published by the Department for Education. As we approach Monday 19th July, which represents the move to Step 4 of the UK's planned roadmap out of the current lockdown procedures, I wanted to write to explain to you that despite Monday 19th July being before we close for the Summer break, we will not be changing any of our expectations, routines or procedures and will be keeping everything in place right up until our closure on Wednesday evening. Please can we ask that parents continue to adhere to the mask wearing, staggered starts and distancing measures that we have had in place this year and we cannot thank you enough for how much you have worked with us on this as it has undoubtedly had an impact on keeping case numbers low for our school setting.

As we move to September, I feel that it is far too early to say what the landscape will look like in the new academic year when this is still such a long time away so as it stands, whilst the emerging guidance suggests that we will not be working within bubbles and there will not be any need for staggered starts and ends etc, we will closely monitor the situation and wait for any further guidance to be published to then update you in the week before we come back to school in September. With case numbers rising quickly and the impact of Stage 4 needing to be seen first, it is felt by us as school leaders as well as the Governing Body, that this cautious approach is the best and only way we can plan for the next period of time. Please be assured that we will contact you as soon as any firm plans are made regarding logistical arrangements. School is due to reopen for all children on 6th September.

Best Wishes,

Mr Eden

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